Mrs. McLean's Class

January 16 - 20


School Year Calendar Elementary 2016-2017 APPROVED School Year Calendar

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Monday -  Spelling Unit 12; French; Mr. Edward's extra prep day; Speeches write intro and conclusion; rough copy should be finished and ready for editing

- Gym; Library; Scholastic Book Orders due

- French; Pizza Day; Geometry Test on measuring and drawing angles and triangles

- Gym, Sub Day; Barrie Colts ticket orders due, February and March Pizza and Milk orders due

Friday -
Spelling Test; Visual Arts; Reading Buddies; Good Copy of Speech due by 9:00 A.M


January Newsletter January 2017 Newsletter.pdf

​Assignment Due Dates:

Speech Graphic Organizer Speech Organizer.pdf
For the Graphic Organizer, fill in your topic and then each main idea is like a new paragraph that you will be discussing. Under each main idea you need to have supporting evidence, your proof or support to back up your main idea (your research). Graphic Organizers are due on Thursday morning at 9:00.

Speeches - Topics due by December 20th
Speech Outline due dates - Speech Outline Note.pdf

Geometry Review - GeometryReview

The theme for the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic School Board this year is 
                                                  Celebrating Gods Family

**Practice Your Multiplication Tables every night

Math Prodigy Class Code - 5WCZW9

Check out the new spelling website and app to help you practice your spelling words
Spelling City

Important Calendar Dates:
- December 26 - January 6 - Christmas Break
- January 9 - Classes Resume
- January 10 - Rosary
- January 13 - Rough Copy of Speech due
- January 16 - Introduction and Conclusion for Speech due
- January 17 - Scholastic Book Orders due
- January 20 - Good Copy of Speech due (by this date)
- January 23 - 25 - in class speech presentations
- January 24 - Barrie Colts Assembly
- January 26 - Top Speeches in class move on to the gym
- January 28 - MCL's Barrie Colts Night