Mrs. McLean's Class

September 20 - 24



       Welcome to Mrs. McLean's Grade 2/3 Class               

School Year Calendar 

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Monday -
 Spelling - Unit 2 - tests will be on Friday; French

- Gym Outside

- French

- Gym - Outside

Friday - Spelling Test; Home Journal, Visual Arts, French

September Newsletter  September Newsletter 2021.pdf

Spelling Words: Unit 2

Grade 2:
as, has, fox, box, mix, egg, jam, pet, nap, big

Grade 3:
next, left, help, please, believe, many, very, been, seen, she, between, three, sea, easy, leave

Math Expectations

Grade 2
Students are expected to read, representcompose, and decompose whole numbers up to and including 200, using a variety of tools and strategies, and describe various ways they are used in everyday life; compare and order whole numbers up to and including 200, in various contexts; estimate the number of objects in collections of up to 200 and verify their estimates by counting; count to 200, including by 20s, 25s, and 50s, using a variety of tools and strategies; describe what makes a number even or odd.

Scholastic Online Book Orders -  Class code: RC207739.

Math Prodigy Class Code - C26AE2A


Check out the new spelling website and app to help you practice your spelling words
Spelling City
Spelling City

Important Calendar Dates:
- September 7 - First Day of School
- September 29 - Terry Fox Run at School
- September 30 - Orange Shirt Day