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June 28 - June 29



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Spelling Words: Unit 30

Group 1: book, good, look, wood, took, take, stood, stand

Group 2: which, where, there, before, after, over, again, inside, outside, under

Group 3: air, against, all right, until, presents, beautiful, favourite, clothes, people, vacation, remember, already, hospital, minute, straight,

Math Expectations for Fractions
Grade 2
Students will use drawings to represent, solve, and compare the results of fair-share problems that involve sharing up to 10 items among 2, 3, 4, and 6 sharers, including problems that result in whole numbers, mixed numbers, and fractional amounts, recognize that one third and two sixths of the same whole are equal, in fair-sharing contexts

Grade 3
Math Expectations for Measurement - Length, Perimeter, Area
Grade 2
Math Expectations for Multiplication and Division
Grade 2
Students will use the properties of addition and subtraction, and the relationships between addition and multiplication and between subtraction and division, to solve problems and check calculations; 
Math Expectations for Transformational Geometry
Grade 2
Students will 
create and interpret simple maps of familiar places and describe the relative positions of several objects and the movements needed to get from one object to another
Grade 3
Students will give and follow multistep instructions involving movement from one location to another, including distances and half- and quarter-turns 
Math Expectations for Money
Grade 2
Students will identify different ways of representing the same amount of money up to Canadian 200¢ using various combinations of coins, and up to $200 using various combinations of $1 and $2 coins and $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills

Grade 3
Students will estimate and calculate the change required for various simple cash transactions involving whole-dollar amounts and amounts of less than one dollar

Math Expectations for 2D and 3D Shapes
Grade 2
Students will 
sort and identify two-dimensional shapes by comparing number of sides, side lengths, angles, and number of lines of symmetrycompose and decompose two-dimensional shapes, and show that the area of a shape remains constant regardless of how its parts are rearranged; identify congruent lengths and angles in two-dimensional shapes by mentally and physically matching them, and determine if the shapes are congruent

Grade 3
Students will sort, construct, and identify cubesprismspyramidscylinders, and cones by comparing their faces, edges, vertices, and angles; compose and decompose various structures, and identify the two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects that these structures contain; identify congruent lengths, angles, and faces of three-dimensional objects by mentally and physically matching them, and determine if the objects are congruent.

Scholastic Online Book Orders -  Class code: RC207739.

Math Prodigy Class Code - C26AE2A


Check out the new spelling website and app to help you practice your spelling words
Spelling City
Spelling City

Important Calendar Dates:
- March 11 - Plaid Day
- March 12 - Board Holiday - no classes
- March 17 - St. Patrick's Day - Green and Gold Day
- March 19 - Silly Sock Day - For World Down Syndrome Day
- March 21 - World Down Syndrome Day
- March 22 - Math Test - Money
- March 28 - Palm Sunday
- April 1 - Holy Thursday
- April 2 - Good Friday
- April 4 - Easter Sunday
- April 5 - Easter Monday (no classes)
- April 11 - 17 - Spring Break (no classes)