Mrs. McLean's Class

December 9 - 13


       Welcome to Mrs. McLean's Grade 3/4 Class               

School Year Calendar A Day-BDay Elementary 2019-2020

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Math Unit on Telling Time, Mass, Capacity; Social Studies - Living and Working in Ontario; Gr. 4 Physical Regions of Canada

12 Days of Giving - see email sent by school

Monday -
 Spelling Unit 12 this week; French;  Library book exchange; Jr. Boys Zone Tournament at MCL from 9:00 - 12:00; Jr. Girls Zone Tournament at MCL from 12:00 - 3:30; Book Orders due

Tuesday -  Gym; Mass at 1:00; SJO Band Performance at 9:15

- French, Dance; Pizza Day; 

- Gym; 

Friday - Spelling Test; Reading Buddies; Visual Arts; Hot Dog Day; Red and Green Day; Math test on Mass, Capacity and Volume

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Science Reviews - Test on November 6
Grade 3 - Soils in the Environment
Soils Test Review.pdf

​Grade 4 - Rocks and Minerals
Rocks and Minerals Test Review and Answers:
Rocks and Minerals Test Review Answers.pdf

Math Expectations for Telling Time
Grade 3
Students in Grade 3 are expected to read time using analog clocks to the nearest 5 minutes and digital clocks to the nearest minute. They need to be able to represent time in 12-hour notation. The students need to estimate, read and record positive temperatures to the nearest degree as well as identify benchmarks for freezing, cold, cool, warm, hot, and boiling temperatures as they relate to water and air. Students are expected to solve problems involving relationships between minutes and hours, hours and days, days and weeks, and weeks and years using a variety of tools.

​Grade 4
​Students in Grade 4 are expected to estimate, measure (using analog clocks) and represent time intervals to the nearest minute. They need to estimate and determine elapsed time, with and without using a time line, given the durations of events expressed five- minute intervals hours, days, weeks, months or years. Students need to be able to solve problems involving the relationships between years and decades, and between decades and centuries.

 Math Expectations for Number Patterns
Grade 3
Students in Grade 3 are expected to identify, extend and create repeating patterns involving two attributes; identify and describe number patterns involving addition, subtraction, and multiplication. They need to be able to extend repeating growing and shrinking number patterns. Students need to create number patterns involving addition and subtraction based on a pattern rule and represent geometric patterns using number sequences.

Grade 4
Students in Grade 4 are expected to extend, describe, and create repeating, growing, and shrinking number patterns, including alternating pattern rules. They need to connect each term in a growing or shrinking pattern with its term number (i.e. in T-Tables) and create a number pattern involving addition, subtraction, or multiplication that has been described in a pattern rule. They need to be able to make predictions related to repeating geometric and number patterns.

Math Prodigy Class Code - 17F4EF


Check out the new spelling website and app to help you practice your spelling words
Spelling City
Spelling City

Important Calendar Dates:
- December 10 - SJO Band Performance
- December 10 - Christmas Mass - 1:00
- December 13 - Hot Dog Day
- December 13 - St. Mary's Christmas Concert
- December 16 - Christmas Concert
- December 17 - Christmas Concert for Parents
- December 20 - Last Day of classes before Christmas Break
- January 6 - Classes Resume for 2020