Grade 3 Spelling Words
Students are responsible for writing the spelling words into their agenda on Mondays and practicing the words during the week.  Students will be given a test on Friday and sent home to be signed by a parent. During the week students will have a variety of spelling activities to complete to help them learn the new words. If these activities are not finished during class time, it will be sent home for completion.

Please check here for the weekly spelling words.

Unit 1 Spelling Words - Short and Long "A" sound
said ask stand catch eight afraid away always
playing waved takes than great they prey

Units 2 Spelling Words - Short and Long "E" sound
next left help please believe many very
been seen she between three easy sea leave

Unit 3 Spelling Words - Short and Long "I" sound‚Äč
pitch drink swim life while I my light
buy eye which find why kind try

Unit 4 Spelling Words - Short and Long "O" sound
rocket pocket hold told often grow
throne so sew most almost both
coach open also

Unit 5 Spelling Words - Short and Long "U" sound
under such much young touch use
your you unit cute few new
fuel human music

Unit 6 Spelling Words - silent "e" and homophones
save give have live move above
alive alike two to too know
do blew blue