Grade 4 Spelling Words
  • Weekly Spelling

Spellingwill begin next week.  Students are responsible for writing thespelling words into their agenda on Mondays and practicing the wordsduring the week.  Students will be given a test on Friday and sent hometo be signed by a parent.  During the week students will have a varietyof spelling activities to complete to help them learn the new words.  Ifthese activities are not finished during class time, it will be senthome for completion.

Please check here for the weekly spelling words.

Unit 26 - Test on June 12
herd heard clothes close hour
our two too their there
ceiling sealing shoot chute strait
straight medal meddle
Unit 25 - Test on May 29
lazy volcano flavour piano recent
really item pilot triangle climate
gigantic program obey puny prepare
vacant pulley menu

Unit 24 - Suffixes - Test on May 15
action fiction mission divide division
attend attention pollute pollution express
expression educate education music musician
magic magician physician

Unit 23 - focus on silent letters - Test on May 1
calf walked ghost gnawed climber
wreath listen island scent wrench
judge fasten wrist doubt knock
answer knelt sign

Unit 22 - "ight", "ought", "au" words - Test on April 24
frighten flight brighter flashlight mighty
delight tighten nightly sight brought
ought thought fought caught daughter
taught naughty fault

Unit 21 - "F" sound - test on April 17
enough tougher fifty pharmacy alphabet
nephew trophy paragraph telephone photograph
giraffe forest figure refrigerator draft
phrase traffic chief

Unit 20 - "oi" sound - Test on March 27
voice oyster voyage annoy choice
avoid appoint enjoy moisture noise
drown amount fountain crowded southwest
thousand flour pronounce

Unit 19 - "oo" sound - Test on March 13
shoes clues wound junior truth
duty news through few who
schoolroom whose conclusion June shampoo
cruel choose ruin

Unit 18 - "c" and "g" sounds - Test on March 6
cinder circle cardinal cereal concert
cycle dancer celebrate twice dangerous
strange damage ledge geography gentle
signal regular sugar

Unit 17 - "o" sound - Test on Feb. 27
also bought cough almost false
officer soft stalk halt faucet
saucer caution lawyer awesome stall
crawl awful because

Unit 16 - singular and plural words - test on Feb. 13
leaf leaves wolf wolves potato
potatoes roof roofs family families
library libraries journey journeys hero
heroes ditch ditches

Unit 15 - "er" sound - Test on Feb. 6
early earth search service wonder
surface curly shirt thirty doctor
sailor shower bakery another barber
collar worse world

Unit 14 - "er" and "est" endings - Test on Jan. 23
cleaner cleanest bigger biggest earlier
earliest quicker quickest busier busiest
rougher roughest heavier heaviest happier
happiest lazier laziest

Unit 13 - "ing" and "ed" endings - Test on Jan. 16
lived living rattled rattling studied
studying traveled traveling changed changing
appeared appearing raced racing hoped
hoping wrapped wrapping

Unit 12 - Compound Words - Test on Jan. 9
anyone however anything himself birthday
herself somewhere afternoon chalkboard daydream
downstairs grandparents breakfast outfield scarecrow
nobody dragonfly keyboard

Unit 11 - Test on Dec. 12
didn't  that's they're you're couldn't
haven't o'clock we're isn't I'm
it's who's they'd could've they've
you'll don't  aren't

Unit 10 - Test on Dec. 5
across alone among brother again
front banana appear compass pedal
given heaven mountain ocean cousin
purchase offer colour

Unit 9 Words - Time and Calendar words - Test Nov. 28
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday January
February July August September November
month year holiday autumn season
calendar second minute

Unit 8 Words - double consonants - Test on Nov. 14
follow matter summer million dollar
scissors cattle address office suppertime
blizzard penny wrapper wallet occurrence
village collide battle

Unit 7 Words - short and long "u" sound - Test on Nov. 7
blush crutch crunch grumpy much
umpire uncle none does fuel
cute cubicle human future usual
uniform used beautiful

Halloween Words - test on October 31
witch pumpkin vampire treat spider
frighten moonlight trick broomstick midnight
nightmare spooky cider spirit

Unit 6 - short and long "o" sound
strong wrong copy cloth problem
bottom whole explode control shown
bowl October smoky coach throat
toast doughnut foe

Unit 5 - short and long "i" sound
since which inch string picnic
shrimp title mind wild decide
why skyscraper buy right lightning
write cypress bicycle
Bonus: Thanksgiving

Unit 4 - short and long "e" sound
then else edge when tenth
empty sketch spelling easy eager
sneakers mean fifteen receive piece
believe people squeeze

Unit 3 - short and long "a" sounds
fact began clasp rapid able
later space stranger grade display
main explain freight neighbour weigh
vein April ankle

Unit 2 - "th, ch, tch,wh" digraphs
attach where sandwich change watch
singer slippery spring gather these
thread athlete worth thirsty whisper
whistle awhile nowhere

Unit 1 - Consonant Blends and Two-Syllable Words - 
bridge gravity hungry eclipse secret
applaud laundry trouble attract twilight
between describe snowflake freedom slimy
glance burglar glace