Grade 5 Spelling Words
Weekly Spelling
Spelling will begin next week.  Students are responsible for writing the spelling words into their agenda on Mondays and practicing the words during the week.  Students will be given a test on Friday and sent home to be signed by a parent.  During the week students will have a variety of spelling activities to complete to help them learn the new words. If these activities are not finished during class time, it will be sent home for completion.

Please check here for the weekly spelling words.

Unit 26 - Test on June 12
paragraph  trophy  nephew  enough  cough
fourth  Friday  physical  roughest  pharmacy
fragile  fluid  briefly  festival  stuffed
triumph  telephone  few

Unit 25 - Test on May 29
rewrite  reappear  recall  recover   rebuild
dishonest  disagree disappear disappoint disconnect
disapprove  misbehave misfortune misunderstand misspell
misuse  illegal  illegible

Unit 24 - words with silent letters - Test on May 15
wrestle wrong answer dough unknown
knapsack  honour  listen climb half
island  talking  design scratch tonight
limb knot whistle

Unit 23 - "sh" sound - Test on May 1
shoes sure sugar musician patience
mission occasion physician tension conclusion
constitution caution constellation addition fiction
position official glacier

Unit 22 - "-ful", "-ment", "-less" endings - Test on April 24
thoughtful  successful  wasteful   wonderful   skillful
plentiful   government   amusement   predicament   excitement
punishment  arrangement   fearless   careless   worthless
thoughtless   useless  reckless

Unit 21 - long vowel sounds - test on April 17
scene they're through heir clothes
byte aloud cruise crews isle
principal principle hour knew two
write chute reign

Unit 20 - "ness, ist, ant endings" - Test on March 27
kindness  darkness  happiness  loneliness  sadness
weakness   exactly   honestly   speedily   angrily
happily   friendly   especially   teacher   actor
liar   biologist   assistant

Unit 19 - "ie" and "ei" words - Test on March 13
tried   weigh   piece   receive   their
fierce   neither   field   receiving   trying
hurried   siege   weighs   writing   tired
having    planned   worries

Unit 18 - final sound "l" - Test on March 6
eagle   example   towel   special   legal
little   whole   several   terrible   label
question   frequent   telescope   instead   instrument
celebrate     declare    address

Unit 17 - "g" and "c" sounds - test on Feb. 27
signal regular generous energy bridge
genius dangerous segment figure country
circle concert peaceful nice since
electric dancing decided

Unit 16 - "wh", "ch", "th", "sh" sounds - Test on Feb. 13
awhile where thought athletes truthful
purchases exchange though rhythm children
chocolates friendship together white watches
arithmetic months length

Unit 15 - two-syllable words - Test  on Feb. 6
about algebra quiet other compare
thousand happen different along equator
dozen animal second region quarter
lecture puncture again

Unit 14 - "r" controlled sounds - Test on Jan. 23
square stare dairy area January
dictionary daring beware argument large
partner guarding article orchestra ordinary
important force before

Unit 13 - "er" sound - Test on Jan. 16
urgent Thursday purpose thirsty camera
wonder smuggler remember surprise earth
certain person dollar colour collar
early mayor doctor

Unit 12 - plurals - Test on Jan. 9
countries addresses women lessons people
skis friends roofs calves fences
flies lives cherries businesses guesses
families leaves pictures

Unit 11 - Test on Dec. 12
surrounded skiing swimming loving studied
traveling carried trading bragged worried
beginning exciting finished laughed quickest
weaker tiniest lonelier

Unit 10 - Test on Dec. 5
stalk off because brought called
drawn awful awkward lawyer daughter
fault author always already although
belong office haul

Unit 9 Words - three types of compound words - Test on Nov. 28
baby-sit first aid flashlight high school goalkeeper
all right airmail one-way bodyguard something
good-bye birthday outside everybody everyone
anything themselves himself

Unit 8 Words - "oi" and "oy" words - Test on Nov. 14
spoil choice avoid moisture oyster
royal annoy employ ground house
sprout mountain allow ourselves somehow
ounce amount boundary

Unit 7 Words - "oo" sound words - Test on Nov. 7
gloomy school choose loose route
clue truth duty ruin Tuesday
usually threw understood neighbourhood rookie
could should bulletin

Halloween Words - Test on October 31
witch pumpkin vampire treat spider
frighten moonlight trick broomstick midnight
nightmare spooky cider spirit

Unit 6 - long "i" sounds and "ed" and "ing" endings
idea silent myself lying apply
knight quite I'm license buy
inquire higher variety smiling diagram
rhyme widest python

Unit 5 - contractions and homophones
I'll they've don't we're didn't
isn't couldn't haven't o'clock you're
who's whose aren't it's doesn't
there's won't I've
Bonus: Thanksgiving

Unit 4 - Long "o" sound and present and past tenses
obey ocean poem echo hello
wrote goal approach owner tomorrow
program broken potato throat oldest
followed spoken awoke

Unit 3 - Long "e" and Long "u" sounds
fifteen referee eager easily ready
please ecology maybe been only
universe future communicate beautiful unusual
cute cube fuel

Unit 2 - Long "a" sound - 
afraid explain payment sleigh laid
raise straight freight height they
*favourite April able radio station
relation daybreak trace

Unit 1 - Short Vowel Sounds and Two-Syllable Words -
rough grudge stunt thumb once
another does trouble cousin began
oxygen copy very until umpire
sudden which city