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Fall Paragraph Writing Assignment

Grade 4 Writing Expectations - 4 paragraphs - an opening, 2 reasons why they like fall, and a closing paragraph

Grade 5 Writing Expectations - 5 paragraphs - an opening, 3 reasons why they like fall, and a closing paragraph

Each of the 2 or 3 reasons for liking fall paragraphs is to be about a specific topic (i.e. Thanksgiving, Halloween, Birthday, Leaves changing colour, etc)

Students will be marked on paragraph structure including indenting each paragraph, correct punctation and sentence structure; each paragraph is on a specific topic; opening and closing paragraphs state/restate what the student has written about.

Check out these websites and resources to help you with your reading and writing skills.

IXL Grade 4 Grammar Skill Practice
Grade 4 Grammar
Grade 5 Grammar

Language Arts Games to review a variety of skills for Grade 4-6
Soft Schools Language Arts has Reading Comprehension practice, Grammar and Spelling activities
Soft Schools Language Arts

Tips from the Canadian Legion about Speeches 
Legion Public Speaking Tips
Speech Topic Note
Speech Outline Note with due dates
Speech Organizer

Speech Topic Note - Speech Topic Choice Note.pdf
Speech Graphic Organizer - Speech Organizer.pdf
Speech Outline with due dates: Speech Outline Note.pdf

Social Study Project Outlines - Projects due the week of Dec. 8th
Regions of Canada Project.pdf - Gr. 4
Canadian Government Project.pdf - Gr. 5
Social Studies Project Rubric

Regions of Canada sites for Grade 4 students - lots of books at Public Library
Regions of Canada
About Canada
Flags for Canada
Famous Canadians
Facts on Provinces
Info on Provinces
Fun Facts on Canada
Link to Learning Grade 4
Famous Canadians 2
Famous Inventors

Canadian Government sites for Grade 5 students - Lots of books at Public Library
Gr. 5 Social Studies
Prime Minister Information
Information on Canada
Link to Learning Gr. 5 Social Studies
Canadian Prime Ministers